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Brainchild of founding member Jon Mack, Auradrone mixes sensuality, shades and layers into ultramodern post-rock electronic music. While developing the material from Auradrone's debut release, 'Whitelite Britelite', Jon's vision caught interest of gifted collaborators from France, Germany, the UK, New York and Los Angeles who took part in co-creating a fresh sound.


Absorbing inspiration, she engineers and produces her own material in addition to performance and writing and continuing to collaborate with talents across the globe. "Whitelite Britelite" Auradrone's first album was released on March 2nd, 2009. Auradrone's sophomore release album "Bleeding Edge" was released 11.11.11. Auradrone is currently at work on their new album due out in 2019.

New Auradrone Single "Forever Unfolding" is out

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